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Starting a your commercial project? Get some expert advice early on in Your Project.

Getting BOP Racking/Mr Shelf involved early in a commercial project means valuable advice that typically saves clients time, money and hassle, says general manager of BOP Racking/Mr Shelf Commercial Scott Reardon.

“Typically shelving is an after thought but in a commercial situation it really needs to be considered early in the design process,” he says. A good example is that product weights customers want to use their shelving for can affect the type of concrete that the floor needs to be made from.

There are seismic considerations, as shelving has to be installed with a gap between the walls to allow for movement, which can affect the length of walls for maximum efficiency of space.

These are just the type of considerations that Mr Shelf takes into account when making recommendations, adding huge value to clients’ projects such as the McRaes Global Engineering workshop in Mt Maunganui.

BOP Racking/Mr Shelf will fit out the warehouse with shelving, work benches and racking solutions. “We specialize in organizing our clients’ workshops in a way that creates maximum efficiency, is ergonomic, safe and cost effective,” says Scott.

“We examine the CAD drawings early on and mark up our plans to add more detail to the design so customers can see what their BOP Racking/Mr Shelf solution will look like.

It’s at this stage we can also identify any potential issues and make sure their shelf length has adequate structural strength for what they want to use it for.” He says it’s Mr Shelf’s experience working for different companies and industries over the years, including small workshops, retail premises and large logistics companies, which makes the difference and means there isn’t much the team hasn’t seen before.

“We know how to ask the right questions,” says Scott. “That’s an important part of what we do.

We ensure their solutions are compliant and fit for purpose and all our solutions meet AS/NZ 4084 and the New Zealand Building Code.”

Offering a full service, BOP Racking/Mr Shelf also completes pallet racking safety check inspections and audits undertaken by its trained and certified racking inspectors.

“A safety audit makes sense for keeping a warehouse and staff operating safely and efficiently. For example pallet racking frames can be bumped and damaged by forklifts on a regular basis and living in New Zealand means small earthquakes are relatively common. Conducting a safety audit is a vital step to protecting staff and valuable stock. We can recommend the best safety check programmed to ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Some business may only need an annual check while others may require them more regularly.”

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