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The Mount Monster

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Developed in 2013, the Mount Monster is New Zealand's most prestigious surf lifesaving endurance race. Athletes from across the planet gather each December on Mount Maunganui's Main Beach for their chance to race on one of the most spectacular coasts around.  They'll be inspired by the terrain but also challenged by the running, swimming, ski paddling and board paddling, with a few fears tested by the iconic 5m rock jump. Whether competing in a team or as an individual, lifeguards use this event to become fitter, faster and more skilled, as they hunt Mount Monster glory.

Here at BOP Racking we are so keen on this awesome event we have multiple employees enter each year, including past winner Hamish Miller! Have a look below to see if you can spot them!

The Mount Monster has surf lifesaving's biggest prize purse in New Zealand, thanks to the amazing support from Dexion.

We here at BOP Racking are firm believers in the good that lifeguards do around New Zealand and are proud to work in partnership with Mount Maunganui Surf Club to bring the Mount Monster to the Mount Beach year after year.

You can learn more about who we are and what we do in the community here!

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