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Eastpack Ltd Awarded Business Innovation Award at Westpac Tauranga Business Awards

14 Nov 10:30am

Business Innovation

In the recent Tauranga Business Awards, Innovation and Health and Safety were highlighted as key factors in business success.

Dexion Storage Solution

With the seasonal nature of their work, Eastpack was driven to take the challenge of new technology and applying it to their business needs.

This has paid off with Eastpack taking the top prize of Business of the year for the Tauranga region, and more importantly will continue to pay off with increased efficiency and much safer processes for years to come.

Well what has changed with their business this year? Is the innovation we are talking about significant? This is a resounding yes.

The changes Eastpack have made in their storage handling systems is the biggest step forward since the introduction of shuttle racking systems. This article will briefly explain how they are doing this.

EastPack Limited Quarry Road Coolstore

At the Quarry road kiwifruit processing and storage facility, DEXION was contracted to design and put to work a better storage and materials handling system. The result is the first ASRS system in the Bay and the first with Kiwifruit in New Zealand.

*Dexion ASRS System in Eastpack*

In simple terms we have built a building with one conveyor in, and one conveyor out. Inside the building an automated crane picks the pallets off the conveyor and stores them at a height nearly double what has been able to be achieved in the bay up till now.

And then the system will steadily feed you your pallets on the out conveyor in the order you want them.

The benefits are immediate. Strict temperature control, precise storage/ picking, more storage per square metre and less workers involved.

In fact, the system stops and waits if someone opens the door.

Storage and materials handling is an area of high interest for any business handling a lot of stock, and any businesses in this area wanting to keep up will be looking to the example Eastpack has set choosing DEXION to provide the solution to set them ahead in their industry.

We are very proud as Dexion Supply Centre BOP to be part of the storage and materials handling leading company in New Zealand, and in particular to have been the team to install this racking.

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