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Protect Your Rack

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

You've invested in a racking solution to take care of your stock, but what is taking care of your rack?

Smart Guards, Bollards, Stoppers

Whether you have brand new or existing racking, it is essential to protect your investment. The structural integrity of your frames is paramount to the structural security of your racking. In an era where racking audits are required yearly, any damage to your racking will result in you becoming liable if you don't have one. Constant repairs of your racking stack up and can cost you dearly in the long run. By installing rack protection such as Dexion Smart Guards, Bollards and Stoppers, you can protect your rack from these expensive damages.


Audits can be viewed as a bit of a bad word in our industry. They can often be seen as time consuming and wasteful exercises that penalise the 99% of businesses getting things right. At BOP Racking we understand these frustrations as a local company ourselves we have to deal with these. But as your local racking team we can make these as seamless as possible to save you money! We can organise a time to be in, out and have a report back to you as quickly as possible. And in the odd occasion that there are any red flags, as your local we can help you to straighten these out right away. Just another benefit of dealing with a local company!

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