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Consents and Compliance Made Simple by BOP Racking

In Christchurch, many industrial sectors with storage facilities incurred heavy economic loss due to the collapse of pallet rack systems and loss of contents during the Christchurch earthquakes. The failure of such systems could be attributed to various reasons including inadequate design, inappropriate operational conditions, improper installation and lack of maintenance.

Since this there have been further attention brought to the consents that need to be carried out in order for pallet racking to be compliant. Here is a short list of what is needed.

1. Producer Statement 1.

To start the Building Consent process, you’ll need a producer statement (PS1) design report by a registered engineer who specialises in pallet racking. This document ensures your project’s planned racking and shelving will comply with the New Zealand Building Code. You’ll need a PS1 as part of your pallet racking design/layout and prior to ordering the required components. BOP Racking can take the stress out of this consent application process. This will include any documents needed to ensure the installation will comply with the New Zealand Building Code.

2. Producer Statement 2

A PS2 is an independent peer review by a racking design engineer. These will need to be completed by either a council employed or approved engineer. This producer statement 2 design review is a crucial part of getting your racking consented.

3. Producer Statement 3

A PS3 is a construction producer statement. These producer statements are carried out by the contractor who has completed the racking installation. This PS3 is used to confirm that the racking installation is in accordance with the consent plans and building code.

4. Producer Statement 4

Much like the PS2 is a review of the PS1, the PS4 is a construction review completed by an independent peer. This will confirm that the racking installation has been carried out in accordance with the consented plans and building code.

All of this can seem like an overwhelming barrier to getting your job done. We at Bay of Plenty Racking understand that the consenting process can be daunting, which is why our expert staff have forged relationships with local council officials which allows us to have a great understanding of this process as well as an open communication line to navigate any obstacles that we encounter.

All of this makes us the perfect team to take care of the consenting of your racking! So let us take the stress out of this complicated process!

To learn more or to get in contact with one of our expert staff members click this link!

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